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Friday Nite Live: Tim Chesterton and Bill Werthmann

If you're a fan of folk music, this show is for you!

Bill Werthmann's work in and passion for the folk/roots music community has been recognized and appreciated by many artists and audiences from around the world. His eastern Canadian roots are evident in his performance whether playing one of his own compositions or a song by one of his favorite writers from around the globe. His delivery is passionate, his words meaningful, his voice strong and honest and his message clear and needs to be heard. Bill usually plays solo but has been known to team up with other players along the way.

Tim Chesterton was born in the UK but has lived in Canada for over forty years. He has been playing guitar since he was in his early teens. Tim sees himself primarily as an interpreter of traditional folk songs. He is inspired by the rich heritage of folk music - songs written in previous centuries, usually by unknown authors, and then passed down by word of mouth. He especially loves songs that tell stories, and his own songwriting is mainly in the storytelling vein. His repertoire also includes instrumental pieces, both his own compositions and also traditional tunes.

Tim plays solo, and also shares stages regularly with good friends. In May 2013 Tim released his first studio album, 'Folk Songs and Renovations'; it can be purchased online through iTunes, Bandcamp and CDBaby. His music can also be streamed live at