Gallery: November 2016

November Gallery:

This month The Carrot Gallery features collage artist Jess Dupuis.

Artist Bio:

Jess began secretly drawing cartoons all over her walls around 10 years old (much to her parents dismay). She managed to avoid becoming a graffiti artist extraordinaire and instead went to design school and graduated a graphic designer (much to her parents delight).

Fast forward eleven years, a few awards, loads of design clients and projects, an awesome husband and two small kiddos... Jess is now pushing to find time for herself and focus more on her art (you know, for her sanity). :P

"I find collage to be incredibly rewarding. The treasure hunt to find that first image that sparks an idea/concept. Cutting, pasting, painting - the bits and pieces that combine to tell their own new story. I relish in the artistic process the most as I am the only one making decisions for the outcome of the piece. There is no client to deny a mark or colour or combination of anything. Only myself, my gut and my critiques. It is liberating and therapeutic after many years of client-driven design and illustration projects.

My art (and heart) are a tad curious / odd / strange – and that's just the way I like. Enjoy."