Gallery: February 2018

Keita Kankam

Kicking off The Carrot's annual Black History Month, we welcome Keita Kankam to our gallery. Originally from Ghana, Kankam's art is inspired by the shapes and colours of his hometown.

Be sure to check out the Artist Meet & greet on Wednesday February 7. Details Here.

Artist Bio

I studied at the Ghanatta college of Art and Design in Accra, where in 2006 I obtained a diploma in Art and Design. Often I create what I feel, think and see around me. My favorite genres are abstract compositions, landscapes and village scenes. I prefer using acrylic colors, inks, pastels, and charcoal because they are easy to use once one knows how to manipulate them. Starting to paint on my own as an independent artist has not been easy. There have been times of success and downfalls, but with the passage of time I have seen the beauty, humour, and value in all my work.

Artist Statement

As an artist I strive to develop paintings which express the beauty that exists in the world to myself and to others. Often I create what I feel, think, and see around me. An important part of my process is sketching what i have seen during my daily activities or what I have felt, and then recreating this on canvas. When painting, I want to create something beautiful and expressive, so I put so much of energy and passion into the work to create something unique. At times I have to work on a sketch in order to develop different styles and color schemes. By playing with colors and styles, i hope to create something that is attractive and enjoyable by art lovers, collectors, and newcomer alike. I prefer using acrylic paint, water colours, pastel, ink, and charcoal because once one is familiar with them, they prove to be comfortable and reliable tools. Currently, I am developing a painting style that incorporates a toothbrush and sponge to create an impasto effect in my work. Typically, my preference is for bright colors because color is light and makes the world a better place to live in. Art constitutes an important part of my life as an artist. I hope to bring viewers into a place where they see a reflection of everyday life.

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