Gallery - July 2019

Catherine McMillan - Stories from my Inner World

Catherine McMillan, Paper Lantern Dream, Acrylic and Oil on Wood panel, 18”x18”

Catherine McMillan, Paper Lantern Dream, Acrylic and Oil on Wood panel, 18”x18”

In July, we are welcoming Catherine McMillan to The Carrot Gallery.

“I approach all of my paintings intuitively, beginning with thick textured gesso, followed by layers of fluid acrylic paint and then oil paint repeatedly applied and wiped off until I feel the right atmosphere is created. Sometimes I start with a sketch or a clear destination in mind, but often my ideas come out of the work itself and simply evolve from somewhere inside of me. Over time, these paintings of little unfinished stories quietly tell me secrets about who I am and what I deeply believe about life.”

 McMillan’s intuitive instinct has taken her down many paths.  She has wandered the world as a street caricature artist, opened a commercial art studio/cafe called The Quirky Art Café, and spent many years teaching a variety of art classes. In 2014, she decided to close her café/teaching studio so that she could focus on her own painting.

A notable accolade of McMillan includes having her painting, Lullaby, be accepted in the “I am a Woman and this is my Legacy” show at the Laura I Gallery in London, England. She was also invited to participate in Double Vision 2018 show at the Paper Mill Gallery, Toronto, Ontario. Catherine is represented by Gossamer Treasures Gallery in Wabumum, Alberta and her artwork is in collections throughout Canada, the US, Europe and Australia.  

You can see more of Catherine McMillan's work here:

Prints of Catherine McMillan’s works are available for purchase at The Carrot.